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Re: Napster and others...

  • From: smd
  • Date: Tue Mar 07 12:50:11 2000

| What would be your suggestions on making Napster a more network
| friendly app? 

1. RFC 2001 compliance.
   Keep it TCP.

2. Although RFC 1349 is supposedly dead and the TOS octet in the
   RFC 791 scheme is dead too[*], it is at least good politics to 
   set a low TOS value on the bulk transfer traffic.  (If not on all traffic).
   Thus, routers configured to do TOS-based fancy queueing will DTRT and
   fewer people will accuse Napster of being a resource pig.

3. "If we aren't network friendly, please let us know what will make
   us more network friendly" is a great attitude to demonstrate.  Hopefully
   this will be appreciated by actual operators (at least the ones who
   don't pay per-packet/per-byte charges).


[*] RFC 2474/RFC 2475 but don't hold your breath -:)
    Who implements this could be a NANOG topic. -:) -:)