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Re: government eavesdropping

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Thu Mar 02 04:09:27 2000

> For years I've been telling people that while there was some risk
> that traffic on the Internet could be intercepted, that the risk was
> greatest at the ends of a connection and that as long as they were
> working with a reputable ISP that there was almost no risk that
> anyone was eavesdropping on the traffic from the more central
> networks.  I've also been telling people that data "at rest" on disks
> or stored in servers is much more at risk than data "in motion" as it
> moves across the Internet. Have I been misleading people?

What does everyine think those silly lead times for local tails (especially
in Europe) are for ? Menwith Hill (sp?) et al. needs a nice schedule of new
capacity so that it can be planned in. Even Telefonica cannot actually take
3 months to really provision a tail circuit.