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Re: Alternative to BGP-4 for multihoming?

  • From: Scott W Brim
  • Date: Wed Mar 01 12:13:56 2000

Looking only at this web page, I don't see that it *doesn't* use BGP. If it's going to interact with providers it has to speak BGP, yes? It looks to me like it just automates managing multiple connections, through a proprietary protocol for exchanging status between the connection points -- routing information, link quality, NAT status, etc.

(I hope it doesn't do anything which would cause significant churn in the routing advertisements, since that could have an effect far beyond their local area.)


At 17:42 03/01/2000 +0200, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

Radware has a product called Linkproof and claims that it negates the need
for BGP-4 and portable IP addresses:

I have a customer that requires multihoming and they want to use Linkproof
and I want them to do BGP-4.  Does anyone have any experience using this as
an alternative to BGP-4?