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Re: Okay, stupid question...

  • From: Majdi Abbas
  • Date: Sat Jan 29 20:49:44 2000

> 703-742-4777, ask for the Customer Service Manager. Ask her/him - That was
> our only solution. :)

	I can see the future:

	   Congratulations! is available
     The following Web Address(es) are currently available for registration.
   Select the Address(es) you want to register
   by checking the appropriate box and clicking Continue below.

   [ ]
   [ ]
   [ ]
   [ ]
   [ ]

	Be careful what you remind them of.

	Incidentally, has anyone noticed how painfully slow domain modifications
have become?  In theory, with new registrations not being pushed through email,
those should have gotten faster.  As it is, I'm waiting days at a time for a
modify to be reflected.  NSI's not getting any more of my money as a result of
this nonsense, but I still have legacy domains registered with them.

	I'm still waiting for some that went in, and were apparently processed
judging by the email I got back -- a little over a week ago.

	(This 'Web Addresses' crap is getting obnoxious.  But you knew that.)