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Re: Quest/Cerf peering

  • From: Danny McPherson
  • Date: Fri Jan 28 20:48:18 2000

While some may argue that Jeff's query is precisely what NANOG was created 
for, I'd argue that it's precisely what NOCs was created for.

I'm quite certain someone from Qwest, and perhaps Cerfnet as well, will be 
following up with Jeff directly, if anyone else is truly concerned with this 
feel free to contact our NOC as well.  Or, perhaps if someone from a company 
other than Qwest or Cerfnet has details regarding any problems that may exist 
directly between these networks, I'm sure our NOC would be interested in this 
as well.

Note however, that it's [email protected], not [email protected], which
                             ^                  ^
possibly may have led to at least some of the confusion ;-)


> Anybody seeing a problem with Quest/Cerfnet Peering? I can't hit some
> servers that are colo'd at Quest when the routes pass through
> Cerfnet?  Routes die at what seems to be the quest/cerf peering
> router.  (I thought of the fact that they don't allow traceroute, and web
> and dns won't get through either).  Don't see any problems when going
> through CWI or UUNet.
> Jeff
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> Jeffrey Meltzer                 [email protected]
> Sr. Network Administrator
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