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Re: External Events (was Re: has no DNS A record !)

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Wed Jan 26 11:49:19 2000

On Wed, 26 January 2000, John Hawkinson wrote:
> I think outage notification and operational issue discussion are
> different things and should go to different places.
> That worked well for the NSFnet with [email protected] split from
> [email protected], and the Internet has only grown since then,
> and the scaling benefits would be much more sizable.
> Opinions?

IMHO, the concept is great, but the implementation has been a problem.

As you point out there have been numerous outage lists such as nsr,
netstat, [email protected], puck; as well as provider specific lists such
as [email protected], [email protected],, etc.

The problem is its easier to set up the address than it is to get anyone
to use it.  I am (or have been) subscribed to most outage lists I know
about on the net.  Maybe I've just fallen off most of them, but even when
there are major problems affecting the domain of each list, there are
rarely any reports posted on lists other than NANOG, and general news
sources such as CNN, Reuters, etc.

Like CNN filling the day with Showbiz Today, there seems to be a need
too have a steady stream of traffic to remind people a list exists when
"Breaking News" happens.  Outages alone don't create the traffic necessary
to sustain the viability of such a list.  Even on provider lists its a
problem, one of the last posts I saw on the [email protected] mailing list was
a C&W NOC employee asking what the C&W outage list was for.

So on "slow outage days" you might see a posting about Area 51.  No I
don't think a single site outage is that important. But if there is nothing
else happening, it may be the top story.  On the other hand, on heavy
news days it might get drowned out.  For example, NextLink had the
misfortune to announce it bought Concentric for $2.9Billion on the same
day as the AOL-Time Warner announcement.