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Re: Domain Registration Woes

  • From: Douglas Denault
  • Date: Tue Jan 25 16:41:43 2000

It turns out that I was less than clueful. So first thanks to the people
who informed and clued me in. So the answer is: "You're not big
enough..(dummy)". Silly me, just because I joined the affiliate program
for the min of 10 domains per month, I did not follow the link which
might have lead me to the answer.

This post is for 2 reasons:
  1) there is an answer for small companies - thanks to all who pointed
it out;
  2) In the hope that some of NSI's support people might read this list
and perhaps could
     then point out this possibility to other (similiarly misinformed)
small guys.
So I go (happily) back to the barn. Where I am I have lots of lighter
stuff to shovel today.

Douglas Denault wrote:
> I apologize in advance if this is too far off topic
> We are a small web hosting firm doing 20-40 domains/month. ...
> business, but the truth is I would rather shovel out the barn.
> 2) does anyone know of/have experience with another registrar that takes
> email submissions

[email protected]