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Domain Registration Woes

  • From: Douglas Denault
  • Date: Tue Jan 25 09:32:05 2000

I apologize in advance if this is too far off topic

We are a small web hosting firm doing 20-40 domains/month. A few days
ago email submissions stopped working. The good folks over at NSI that
they submit to public abuse do not have a clue as to what the powers
that be do from day-to-day. The numbers they give out simply say, "we
are too busy to answer the phone". I would say I wish we had that much
business, but the truth is I would rather shovel out the barn.

End of rant, so my questions are:

1) anyone know what gives; I have used the 4.0 and 6.0 forms
2) does anyone know of/have experience with another registrar that takes
email submissions

As sort of an open letter part:

Chuck: hope you are going better than the service you oversee.

Any other registar: there is a business oportunity here guys.

Make any flames to me personally please.

[email protected]