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Re: Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: ken harris.
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 18:37:59 2000

Ryan Bek [12:57 PM 1/24/00 -0500] wrote:
:I (and I presume many others) have had concerns brought to us about the 
:bandwidth hogging apps & services, like Napster Music Community.  As many have 
:discovered, applications such as these can consume a good deal of a broadband 
:connection, as users can serve up files from their own machines, subverting 
:normal firewall configs that can prevent undesired behind-the-firewall 

there was a c|net report on just this the other day.
it actually is directly related to universities.

school's crack down on net music software napster
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-ken harris
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