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Re: Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: Majdi Abbas
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 16:56:17 2000

> O is for Operator
> Hm... I thought this was NANOG.
> Presumably even universities have the capability to allocate costs
> to internal customers.

	Yes, but that's just shuffling zeros around on paper.

	Think about it....

	Sure, they can charge an internal department for the usage.
That cuts that department's available budget for -real-, academic
purposes, just so some kid can pirate some media?

	Makes a lot of sense.

> more bits = good 
> less bits = bad
> Pretty simple.

> The question that would be correct for this forum, is what
> techniques do network operators use to measure and scale service for
> high bandwidth applications.

	Actually, I think what would be most appropriate for 
this forum is if we were all to shut up now.