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Re: Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 15:58:07 2000

Thus spake Randy Bush
>a - his address was in the header.

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you had
overlooked his email address (as I did the first time I read his message
and *almost* sent off much the same reply you did).

>b - you may want to actually read his message "in either the educational or
>    business community"

I did read that...thus my paragraph (which, again, you considerately
(hopefully I spelled that right this time) snipped) about you being
happy at the greater use of bandwidth resulting in higher charges.  That
still doesn't explain your excuse about him rethinking his business
plan.  Hopefully .edu's aren't in the business of "selling bandwidth"
per se, but are in the business of educating their students...Napster
would get in the way of that and legitimately could/should be blocked by
the institution.

To the original poster, my apologies for taking this off your original
request...I've never checked into a good way to block Napster...the only
problems we've had with it here was office folks making use of it...that
was more easily handled through administrative means than technical.  :)
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