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Re: Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: Jeremy Porter
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 15:46:10 2000

O is for Operator
Hm... I thought this was NANOG.
Presumably even universities have the capability to allocate costs
to internal customers.
more bits = good 
less bits = bad
Pretty simple.
The question that would be correct for this forum, is what
techniques do network operators use to measure and scale service for
high bandwidth applications.

In message <[email protected]>, Jeff Mcadams writes:
>Thus spake Randy Bush
>>> Since these apps are becoming more and more prevalent, as college students
>>> are huge collectors of digital music, and as bandwidth is always a
>>> concern, I am wondering what others in either the educational or business
>>> community are doing in light of this.
>>pretending we're in business, charging for bandwidth, and crying all
>>the way to the bank.
>>when the customer wants more of your product, and if you find this
>>negative, then your business model needs re-evaluation.
>Considering that his email address ended in ".edu" and was asking his
>question as a representative of such an institution (which you
>considerably cut out of your response ;), I would say that your
>statement about his business model needing re-evaluation is a bit
>uncalled for.
>I will agree that you, as a business-person, would find the extra use of
>bandwidth of something like napster nice because you then go on and
>charge for the bandwidth...being in the business environment myself, I
>wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment...but I also understand that
>the original poster is not working from the same paradigm.  :)
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