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Wireless cards for NANOG18

  • From: Susan R. Harris
  • Date: Fri Jan 21 16:34:42 2000

Greetings everyone - we wanted to let you know that Merit is looking for
wireless sponsors for the upcoming meeting in San Jose.  We've been
offered the loan of several dozen cards, but if possible, we'd like to
have even more available for the mobile among you.  Our preferred formats
   -  802.11 compliant, Direct Sequence Spread 2.4 GHz (DS)
	 2 Mb/s, 11 Mb/s 
   -  802.11 Compliant, Frequency Hopping 2.4 GHz (FH) 
   -  2.4 GHz Non-802.11 (traditional WaveLAN, Roamabout, etc.) 
   -  915 MHz Non-802.11 (Roamabout)

Thanks in advance, and please contact us at [email protected]