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Re: New form of packet attack named Stream

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Fri Jan 21 02:30:21 2000

>> Actually, you provided enough details, so any unix guy who knows
>> his sockets can write the program in fifteen minutes.
>then why have six people written to me asking me to ask jamie for it?



a lot of people are stupid lazy f*cks, they're 5kr1pt k1dd33z, or
they're 4$$h0135.  consequently they think they can just ask you ask
for it, and then you'll forward it back to them because you're a "nice
guy".  which you probably are, but you're also no dummy.

for most of these people, they just want more things they can use to
annoy other people.  they know next to nothing, don't seem to want to,
and probably couldn't learn anything if their life depended on it.
they're also probably 12, and use aol.


thank you.

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