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Re: ICMP rate limiting on EGRESS (Warning, operational content inside)

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Mon Jan 17 10:23:29 2000

> > > Is this a good idea?
> > 
> > seems to me that there's sufficient chance that it is a REALLY good idea,
> > that folk should seriously try it.
> ideas that good should have been implemented a long time ago. OTOH, I am
> of the opinion that the real problem is neither ICMP nor IP directed
> broadcast. the real problem, as I see it, is spoofed-source packets. the
> ....
> upon further pondering, I came up with this variation on a time-honored
> favorite:
> the solution: cheap, easy, correct...pick 2.

	Source routing and connection based services are creaping into
	the Internet, slowly but surely.  Both are a far cry from the 
	destination forwarding and connectionless service that I grew
	up with.