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Re: Mae-West Stats and Nanog Archives

  • From: Eric Germann
  • Date: Mon Jan 17 07:00:04 2000

For the record, the search and html archive here is current, it just thinks
october - january is the current month as i haven't had time to break them
up and update the pages.  The engine updates daily at about 2:00am.

sorry for the confusion.

At 09:52 PM 1/16/00 -0800, Derrick Bennett wrote:
>I was actually looking for current Mae-West Stats as the page I have ended
>last year. I thought someone had asked this recently but found that the
>nanog mailing list search site stopped in october of 99. Does anyone know
>where newer mae-west stats may be and if the archives for nanog will be
>updated soon ?
>Derrick Bennett

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