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Re: CEF Load balancing...

  • From: Forrest W. Christian
  • Date: Sun Jan 16 19:33:34 2000

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> How stable is IOS 12?  We tried CEF some time ago, and the build wasn't 
> stable.  I'd sure like to use it, assuming everything works.

CEF in general breaks weird and interesting things.

In a "normal" router all should be ok.

We have a situation where CEF in a particilar 12.0.x version broke the BVI
interface in an IRB configuration w/ATM.   Then the next version broke
forwarding between an ATM interface and a Ethernet interface in an
interesting way (I haven't tracked down the specifics on the second case

All in all, CEF works wonders, if it doesn't break something with its
extra-fancy forwarding.

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