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Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Sat Jan 15 16:06:31 2000

> I don't have much of a problem about Abovenet having a policy of not
> allowing spam across their network, as you say it is theirs.  What is bad,
> however, is that Abovenet still advertise the prefix surrending hosts they
> block, blackholing these hosts for their BGP mutilhomed customers -

this is pretty hard for abovenet to fix, since no router i'm aware of is
able to take in a /13 from some customer, blackhole a smattering of /32's
inside of it, and only send the remnants of the /13 to its downstreams.

what MIBH does, as a transit customer of abovenet among others, is to take
an RBL BGP feed just for the purpose of route-mapping all of its contents
toward one of our other transit providers.  (MIBH is the transit provider
for MAPS, among other things, and MAPS has web servers which *must* be able
to be reached by people listed on its RBL.  is that funny, or what?)  i
agree that this is painful, and if it were my network i'd find some way to
let abovenet's multihomed customers automatically avoid abovenet for things
which aren't going to work.