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Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Jan 14 19:51:20 2000

> (* obviously not every system listed in ORBS has been used to forward
> actual spam of course -- why even I have a test machine listed in there
> for test purposes!  ;-)

what if there are systems blocked by orbs which are truely not mail relays,
for which there has never been evidence of mail relaying, from which spam
has never eminated, ...?

sounds to me a lot like the kind of net abuse towards which you and kai are
advocating downright vigilante action.  [ note that i am not advocating such
action ] "Those who violate principles of responsible networking morally
forfeit any claim of protection under the same principles."  some folk might
contend that harming the innocent is not very responsible networking.

this is not an easy simple problem.  and a moral high ground is not so easy
to spot, at least from here.