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Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS [LONG]

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Fri Jan 14 18:54:33 2000

At Friday 06:25 PM 1/14/00 , Steve Sobol wrote:

>This may come as a shock to many, but I agree with Randy.
>If someone asks ORBS to stop probing, they should stop.

That could be ok with me, unless they have something to hide.
Those who ask ORBS (or anyone else) to stop testing cannot expect
that they are not listed, if it turns up that they are eligible
for listing through some other means (relayed spam evidence,
popular nomination, etc.).

ORBS does list such hosts differently: They are indicated
as such via different A records: - automated system listing. - manual individual entry - netblock entry - multiple open relays, but blocking tester.

Problem: common RBL-style use in Sendmail does nothing but check for
existance of the address RR, without distinguishing between the
different types of listings. This is a deficiency at the MTA, not
with the listing service at this time, really. Note how
hosts appear as .

Someone oughta come up with some new rules to accomodate
specific records, such as : - people who are pissing me off - people who sued other people with bogus software patents in hand
              and should be punished - RIIA, and other entities that are busy destroying the Internet
              as we know it that should be punished - people who bullied kids out of their domain names because the
              name has been some obscure trademark for an unrelated industry
              for a long time.  - people nominated to be blocked by popular vote  - politically incorrect site of a couleur I don't approve of - posts a lot on NANOG

I think this kind of listing will open entirely new horizons, especially
if the end-user behind the MTA has a choice in what he wants (not) to
"Your product is made of roasted, freeze-dried small animal organs ?
   Shove that email up yours!"

I see a billion ways for the censorware folks to get into the RBL business.
You heard it it here first, this is prior art.