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Re: Cleveland outage (Warning: operational content)

  • From: Tom Pinard
  • Date: Fri Jan 14 00:51:05 2000

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Steve Sobol wrote:

> A 36" pipe burst yesterday afternoon, releasing over 25 gallons of
> water into an area covering several city blocks.

Wow, that doesn't sound so bad...  that's only like 1 drop of water per
square yard.


(Sorry, I couldn't resist, that one was too obvious)


> As luck would have it, my office building (the Superior Building) 
> sits right in front of the place where the pipe burst. I was down
> there last night and again tonight, and it's a *mess*.
> East 9th Street, downtown Cleveland's main north-south thoroughfare,
> remains closed between St. Clair and Superior avenues. There was a
> huge sinkhole last night... the entire financial district looked
> like a war zone, and it looked like someone dropped a bomb on 9th 
> Street. 
> At 9th and Rockwell, several services are completely down. Ameritech
> has fiber in this area, as does MCI Worldcom. MCI Worldcom and CLEC
> NextLink Ohio both have facilities in the Superior Building. NextLink's 
> Cleveland CO, in fact, is on the second floor. They seem to have
> weathered the crisis pretty well. I don't know about Worldcom. Quite
> frankly, I don't do business with them, and I'm not sure whether
> they provide dialtone, data services or some other services out of
> the Superior Building, as I've not had the opportunity to talk to
> anyone up there.
> Ameritech Voice Mail was broken earlier. It's still not quite working
> correctly. I just verified this by dialing my home phone number. Since
> I'm dialing FROM my home phone line, I should get my custom greeting
> immediately, because the line's busy. Instead, I have to wait four 
> rings and then I get the default message.
> WRT ISP's: The biggest ISP in the Superior Building is NACS.NET (my
> upstream). Multiverse, another largish local ISP, is here too, but
> their dialups and servers are colocated at Verio. Verio, along with
> a slew of other ISP's, has offices at Playhouse Square that were not
> affected by the flooding. 
> Obviously, I'm also located in the SB, and I know of one other small 
> service provider that runs his servers and dialups out of the same 
> building (the office next to me, in fact). I don't know about him, 
> but NACS appears to be doing fine. They're running off several
> generators. I brought my two servers downstairs and hooked them up
> to their generators, so I'm back up too.
> It looks like the impact on connectivity should be pretty minimal.
> Power, however, isn't expected to go back on before the end of the day
> tomorrow. Also, they had to cut a gas line to get down to the water
> main. (RELAX... they turned off the gas first! NO BACKHOES, I repeat,
> NO BACKHOES were involved in this incident!)
> One of the talking heads on the eleven o'clock news said the water
> main could be fixed as early as 1AM EST (forty-five minutes from now).
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