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Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Thu Jan 13 20:56:42 2000

the other day, having some questions about orbs and similar issues, i asked
some net.friends where there was a rational mailing list discussing such.
they laughed at me and said that rational discussion of anti-spam seemed
socially impossible.  thanks all for providing an empirical evidence, albeit
not formal proof.

it seems to me that an orbs-like service listing an entire netblock because
an upstream is blocking orbs testing is a difficult issue.  in this
particular case it means that, because of other obligations i have chosen to
assume (e.g. ietf mailing lists), i probably should not use orbs in reject
mode.  but i am foolish enough to think that i understand both orbs's and
abovenet's sides of the issue (i have discussed it with both, politely), and
don't feel qualified to preach what's right and what's wrong.

but i can choose whether to use orbs in reject mode or not.  so can you,
it's your prerogative.  and if friends/correspondents of yours don't like
you using it (or the inverse), then that's a discussion between you and

orbs and abovenet are neither wrong nor right.  it's not like some cardinal
sin is occurring.  they are just services.  you can choose to use them.  you
can choose not to.  it is your choice.  and if you use one but don't like
its policy (or the lunch they serve, or whatever), then take that up with
the provider of the service.