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Re: Selection of Appropriate Local SMTP Relay

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Wed Jan 12 08:03:06 2000

Thus spake [email protected]
>On 11 Jan 2000, Michael Shields wrote:
>> > Specifically, if you have a set of well known IP addresses for common
>> > services, thus something like:

>> > - Primary DNS
>> > - Secondary DNS
>> > - SMTP Mail
>> > - Time Server

>> Why did you choose to have exactly 2 DNS servers and exactly 1 SMTP
>> and "time" server?

>This seems a big drawback to the standard IP number method.  Think about a
>network sharing an IGP containing thousands of dialup ports.  That's where
>I am.  How many dialup ports can you have before one SMTP gateway just
>doesn't cut it?  Sure you can play games with load balancing, layer 4
>switches, or perhaps route filtering but why force money or effort to be
>wasted on such things?

Not necessarily...if you can spread your mail servers out to different
parts of your network, then they're going to have the same IP address
and your dialup ports will "magically" find the closest one.  However,
having said that...I agree, many people will want to put their mail
servers in a datacenter environment sitting next to each other...and
without playing network games, that wouldn't work very well.
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