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Re: Read an email, lose your privacy

  • From: I Am Not An Isp
  • Date: Tue Jan 11 05:54:49 2000

At 10:45 PM 1/10/00 -0500, Steve Sobol wrote:
>"Henry R. Linneweh" wrote:
>With an excellent, and I think appropriate, quote from Sun CEO Scott
>McNealy at the top of the article.
>>while I hope Scott McNealy is using hyperbole when he says, "You
>>have zero privacy now. Get over it" (the PC Week "Quote of the
>>Week," Feb. 1, 1999), it's not at all clear that he is.
>I hardly think McNealy is exaggerating. Our privacy has been
>disappearing for years already.

That's nothing. With a Java/macro-language enabled browser/e-mail/word processor/whatever application(s), a Bad Guy (tm) can collect data off your HD without your knowledge. Add standard file locations for a program with sensitive data, say Quicken, and Mr. Joe User who doesn't know how to do anything but double-click "setup.exe" and "hit enter" is in big trouble. (Especially if he likes his pr0n. :)

But I think the most important thing to come out of the article is that "" is unregistered. Sounds like a great name for domain speculators if you ask me..... :)


P.S. Try not to send 30+KB of HTML code to the list next time plz.

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