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RE: Selection of Appropriate Local SMTP Relay

  • From: Olivier Gerschel
  • Date: Mon Jan 10 22:50:43 2000

Funny, I've been following this thread for a while, and nobody mentioned --
yet -- 2052 and SRV RRs ... if memory serves, it's written in this RFC that
the purpose of SRV was to get rid of / improve some of WKS RRs problems.

Anyhow, to put some op content here, Microsoft makes heavy use of SRV RRs in
Win2K, hence their customers, and what I mean here is significantly
increased load on DNS servers because of lots of port remaping setup between
peer servers and services -- ldap, kerb, whatever -- so far so good for the
traffic (core / professional) transit -- end-to-end --, but I'm afraid there
will be a lot of configurations pounding on innocent DNS (ISP/Telco) servers
to either try to update or get updates ... hence the enhanced traffic ... I
have few metrics but I guess there will be plenty in less than a quarter.

Anybody logged yet significant amounts of _default_first_site_name_kerbereos
or _default_first_site_name_ldap failed queries / updates to their
nameservers ?

- Olivier.

Richard Irving wrote :

>> WKS RRs weren't doing that - the boundary between host names and service
>> names was still in place; so WKS RRs were simply redundant.
>  Really, the point is, not enough domains implemented
> -non-standard- WKS...
> If you didn't need to -remap- the port, why bother ?
> And, in case you can answer -that- question:
> Kerberos locks on WKS didn't actually -work- till -years-
> later.
> :}
>> --vadim