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Re: Selection of Appropriate Local SMTP Relay

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Mon Jan 10 16:16:03 2000

Randy Bush wrote:

>> I hear it was one of the first Internet's ideas - to declare well-known
>> addresses in addition to the well known ports.

> and notice that, in general, it did not catch on.  and in the few places it
> did, it's been a continual pain in the ass.  bad-idea fairy strikes again.

Well, the idea to attach FQDNs to services, not to computers, is pretty
sound; and could (if implemented) concievably replace lots of ad-hockery
like MX RRs, "virtual" HTTP servers, etc, etc.

WKS RRs weren't doing that - the boundary between host names and service
names was still in place; so WKS RRs were simply redundant.   Following
the logic of lazylution they quietly died off.