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Re: Spam, Law and Reality

  • From: Charles E. Yow, Esq.
  • Date: Mon Jan 10 00:31:45 2000

That is fantastic.

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Subject: Re: Spam, Law and Reality

>The spam issue is serous no doubt, but unless everyone understands the
>implications of attempting to apply U.S. law to please understand some
>concepts and reality.  First the alleged violation has to be according to
>the letter of the law that is being applied, exactly by the letter of the
>law.  Lets be very realistic, do we really want to seek to apply U.S. law
>those outside the U.S?  If this is the case then the end result could be
>reverse, perhaps China would seek to apply Chinese law to American ISP's,
>network administrators, the end result being Americans who have never been
>to China being sentenced to life in prison or to death for posting matters
>the Chinese Government considers offensive.  The witch hunt I see to
>spamming is illogical and futile.  Let me be very blunt, until someone is
>willing to take action all this talk about dealing with spammers is nothing
>more than saber rattling and is useless.  I am an attorney in
>and my experience is people get upset about spam and without exception no
>one is willing to follow through, I used to be willing to deal with
>pro bono, but having been burned more than enough times by people "getting
>over it" that has passed.  Talk is cheap.

We sued and won,

but the spammer in question was inside the U.S.,
and I certainly understand your point of view.

John S. Quarterman <[email protected]>