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new routing registry!

  • From: abha
  • Date: Sun Jan 09 00:55:36 2000

Hello Routing Registry Fans... *grin*

Just wanted to let you know that there is now a free registry for your
use... Check it out  This is a best
effort service provided through the courtesy of (Thanks, Steve

This is service is provided for those of you who only have a couple of
objects and want to avoid registration fees... (money is better spent on
domain names, eh?)  Just kidding...

So, what does best effort mean?  Well, the machine is monitored and we
will be paged for problems.  We'll also be doing our best to answer any
questions and assist with registrations, although, if you don't know what
you are doing, you are better off sticking with a "real" database.  :)

Anyway, the service is here... Its one of those "for the community, by the
community" things...   So, have fun.  Be good.  And let us know if you
have any trouble with it...

Steve and I can be reached at [email protected]

Automatic submissions can be sent to [email protected]

We are mirroring the RADB, and they are mirroring us... So, as I like to
say, its all good... :)

-abha ;)

ps - please send all comments, complaints, suggestions and spam to
/dev/null, i mean [email protected]  *grin* thanks.