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Re: spam colusion

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Fri Jan 07 23:12:53 2000

[ On Friday, January 7, 2000 at 21:55:16 (-0500), Dean Anderson wrote: ]
> Subject: spam colusion
> So I'd like to propose the possibility that we should start probing New
> Zealand sites with SATAN, and publish site vulnerabilities on a web page,
> just like ORBS does.  We would then deny responsibility for any resulting
> attacks on those sites by "script kiddies". Just like ORBS does.

Unless you can show how the supposed vulnerabilities of those sites are
directly affecting millions of users worldwide in the same way as UCE
forwarded through open relays is you will not be doing anything at all
like what ORBS does.  Indeed the "script kiddies" are learning to emply
distributed attacks of sorts, but most used to date require lots of
bandwidth between the compromised systems and the victims, not
necessarily just an available set of vulnerable systems from which to
launch their attacks.  I doubt New Zealand is an ideal site matching
their needs.

Meanwhile ORBS is winning the fight against open-relay spam, slowly but

Why don't you just hire somone capable of fixing your own open relays
and sign yourself off for six months vacation at some site of your
choosing where there's no internet access possible, and quit bugging
people who are genuinely interested in bettering the state of the

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