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Re: your mail

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Fri Jan 07 00:00:00 2000

Interesting reading.  Note that the iDNS folk have had this working
for more than a year now, its finally broken the IETF event horizon
and seems to have one solution to the issue. I am concerned about the
commercial nature of the effort. Time will tell.

> Fellow NANOG readers,
> The following is sure to
> a.) break a lot of things DNS, Mail and Web-wise
> b.) have major impact in the form of confused customers calling
>      your customer service departments
> c.) will hopefully fail.
> If the .NU people think they can undo RFC 1035 section 2.3.1
> (see ) and bury interoperability
> at large for nothing else but sleazily gaining some commercial advantage
> in the registrar business, they are *so* wrong.
> bye,Kai
> >From: [email protected]
> >To: [email protected]
> >Subject: Announcing .NU Domains using Ö, Ä, Å, Ü, Ñ - And More
> >Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 11:00:00 -0500
> >X-Mailer: Allaire ColdFusion Application Server
> >
> >
> >Hello;                                  January 6, 2000
> >
> >NU domain now has a new, exclusive service available - Support for your local
> >language character set in any .NU Domain name you have already registered. 
> >
> >You can pre-register today at
> >
> >Technical staff at .NU Domain, working under the guidance of 
> >Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the Internet's Domain Name
> >System (DNS), are developing an updated version of the DNS software
> >used on the internet which allows .NU Domain to provide this unique
> >service. Although the service is in its Beta or early test period, .NU
> >Domain will now accept pre-registrations of domain names that use
> >Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and a wide
> >range of other European character sets in any .NU Domain name.
> >
> >Examples which we are currently testing include: 
> >http://SödraKä, http://Fö, 
> >http://domä and http://tillbehö
> >
> >For more information on this test, and the current limitations of the service,
> >please see 
> >
> >NU domain is now giving all current customers an advance opportunity 
> >to pre-register for this service, for a one-time fee of US$35. Since 
> >the service requires that you already have an "English Alphabet" .NU 
> >domain name registered and active (using only ASCII characters 
> >a-z, 0-9), we have decided to postpone public announcement of this
> >new European character set  service in order to allow our existing
> >customers to get first choice to pre-register their preferred domain
> >names using Swedish or other European language characters such as
> >Ö, Ä, Å, Ü, or Ñ.
> >
> >To pre-register now, and to qualify to take part in our test of this
> >unique new service, please go to 
> > and log in to modify your
> >current .NU domain name to add this new service. Current policies 
> >expect that your pre-registered domain name will be similar to your
> >current .NU domain name, with the addition of a Swedish or other
> >language's character(s) (for example, and domä
> >
> >We will start accepting public registrations for this new service, which 
> >will require registration of an English alphabet .NU domain name as well,
> >starting next week (January 10, 2000), on a first-come, first-served basis.
> >
> >And remember - no other Top Level domain in the world offers
> >this unique service. So we expect public interest - and registration rates - to
> >be very strong once we announce the service.
> >
> >Although we are not yet offering pre-registration for Asian names (using
> >Japanese, Chinese and other characters) we expect to also support those
> >language sets in the near future. Customers in Japan may want to contact
> >NU Certified Registrar,,, for more
> >information (email [email protected]).
> >
> >If you have any questions about this new service, please contact our
> >support desk at [email protected] or email me directly.
> >
> >Many thanks for your continuing support for .NU domain!
> >
> >Bill Semich
> >President and Founder
> >NU Domain Ltd
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >         
> >