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Re: Eeek - .NU Domains using , , , , - And More

  • From: Forrest W. Christian
  • Date: Thu Jan 06 21:37:32 2000

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Kai Schlichting wrote:

> The following is sure to
> a.) break a lot of things DNS, Mail and Web-wise
> b.) have major impact in the form of confused customers calling
>      your customer service departments
> c.) will hopefully fail.

This brings to mind the dilbert cartoon where dogbert is giving out his
pager number with a tilde in it - so that noone can call him.

Although this change is not with the same intent, I can still almost hear
customers saying "how do I type that little n with a squiggley line over
it?". Effectively, this would be equivalent in effect.

Or even more fun, trying to convince users that a little n with a
squiggley line over it ISN'T the same as just a plain old n.

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