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Re: Independent rating service of colocation facilities

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Tue Jan 04 17:19:38 2000

[email protected] said:
>  For example, when a hosting company claims they have "Class A" space
> (whatever that means), does anyone actually check?

Without wishing to be facetious:
a) Often not in practice
b) But the customer should

"Class A space" is about as useful a definition as being a "Tier 1
provider connected to the core of the internet", and no doubt,
and equally feeble guarantee of quality. There is about as much use
in having that certified, as, say, a certification that your ISP
will work well because it employs so many MCSEs. (oh, actually, there is
one of them, um ... :-) ).

Having been on both sides in this game, I am equally perplexed to
find vendors surprised when I say "so can I actually *see* the
backup generator(s) then", as when customers say "mmm..., XYZ other
vendor didn't show us all this" (when you know XYZ doesn't, or
stranger still, does, have it)

Caveat emptor. Take customer references. Do due diligence.

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)