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Re: remember the lesson of the sendsys bomb

  • From: Alex P. Rudnev
  • Date: Tue Jan 04 14:03:42 2000

> > 
> > Real problems are waiting for us yet.
> How will you be able to tell?  Some companies have never sent me a correct
> bill on the first try the entire time I was a custoemr.  I doubt they will
> suddenly be able to send me a correct bill just because its now the year 2000.
> There will be small glitches in various systems, but you will never hear
> about them because most will be fixed before too many customers notice.
> More likely things will get blamed on Y2K which are really dumb operator
> errors.
I just showed _you rate is 290%_ example from the credit-card company. You are
right, most companies prefer doin't declare their Y2K _real_ problems, and we
have even some chance to save money due to this _hidden_ incidents. Let's see.


Aleksei Roudnev,
(+1 415) 585-3489 /San Francisco CA/