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Re: remember the lesson of the sendsys bomb

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Jan 04 06:16:07 2000

On Tue, 04 January 2000, "Alex P. Rudnev" wrote:
> What was you talking about? Wait a few days and compare the bills; don't wonder
> seen '290% fee or 1024 hours/day', or 'we can not measure your login time'.
> Real problems are waiting for us yet.

How will you be able to tell?  Some companies have never sent me a correct
bill on the first try the entire time I was a custoemr.  I doubt they will
suddenly be able to send me a correct bill just because its now the year 2000.

There will be small glitches in various systems, but you will never hear
about them because most will be fixed before too many customers notice.
More likely things will get blamed on Y2K which are really dumb operator