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Re: More Y2K humor

  • From: Peter Murray
  • Date: Sun Jan 02 10:33:14 2000

--On Sat, Jan 1, 2000 8:01 PM -0500 Peter Murray <[email protected]> wrote:
> Given all of the hype, we couldn't help but wonder what would really
> happen if our web server thought it was 1900.  So last night (promptly at
> midnight EST) we rolled to the CWRU circa 1900 page:

Well, unfortunately, the administration asked us to change it back.
Perhaps they have no sense of humor -- it is hard to tell at this point
(we'll find out Tuesday).  In any case, the home page is restored, but if
you didn't see it in the 33 hours it was up you can see what the page would
have looked like at:


I did not want to imply taking credit for this.  The real credit for this
wonderful piece of work is our campus webmaster, Eric Meyer
(<>) with help from all of the rest of us
in the department.

Some of the comments that we've received:

> It looks rather stupid for a great engineering school such as ourselves
> to look like we're living in the 1900's.  The page definately needed a
> new look, but I think this was a step backwards, not forwards.
[A step backwards -- I think that was the point!]

> The colors of the new home pabe [sic] are hideous!  As are the colors of
> the Cleveland Browns.
[Well, we can fix our own home page, but can't really fix the Cleveland

> What does brown have to do with CWRU???  The front page looks like
> frontier land! 

> at the "CWRU Events" date says 1900 instead of 2000.  just a
> little glitch which i thought i'd point out.
[The same person replied a few hours later with...]
> ok, i'm an idiot.  that's obviously a joke.  i think i was still really
> groggy from partying last night when i first looked at the page earlier.
> :(

Thanks for your comments, everyone!  I'm glad we could add a little bit of
(short-lived) humor to your Y2K frenzy.

Peter Murray, Library Systems Manager                    [email protected]
Digital Media Services       
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio          W:216-368-8834