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Traffic statistics from major ISPs

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Jan 01 21:15:20 2000

In the voice world, AT&T, SBC, Bell Atlantic and others have released
traffic figures about how many voice calls they handled around New

I have not seen similar data from any major ISPs about traffic volume
around New Year's.  I know about third-party sites such as Keynote, and
MIDS; but they don't measure traffic volume.  I'm looking for basic
data such as ANS used to publish for the NSFNET.  The closest I've found
is Abovenet's MRTG pages, but it is spread out over different links and
its hard to aggregate the numbers without double counting, or undercounting.

I know several major ISPs collect the data internally, but haven't
released it like the voice side of the house.