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Re: UK GMT roll over

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Sat Jan 01 20:27:06 2000

>> >Isn't it interesting to note that there have been no significant y2k
>> >problems but there have been significant service disruptions as a
>> >result of paranoia and general cynisism? 
>> chalk one up for mass stupidity.  people are generally, en masse, much
>> more dense than their individual counterparts.  like cows (or
>> lemmings?)...they stampeded on command.
>Mass stupidity?  Tell me you didn't sigh just a little when all your
>clocks had rolled over.  It's easy now to be complacent and act cool about
>the whole thing, but no-one can actually say what might have been.

sigh?  no, not really.  i knew what would and what wouldn't happen
(okay...i just had a really clear notion) and when exactly that came
to pass, i laughed out loud at all the hype and anxiety i'd seen
bandied about by some of my more paranoid acquaintances.

mostly i was just laughing at the silly people who were frightened and
turned off machines thinking that that would help them.  it only
prolongs the inevitable, and suggests that they didn't have much of
clue about what was going on.

which is not to say that i didn't see a few problems that i'll have to
deal with.  one of them, the most important to the people i work with,
was not actually a "y2k" problem, but simply a "y" problem.  someone
had written code that assumed that the tm_yday field in a struct tm
was monotonically increasing.  of course, that stuff stopped working
promptly at midnight.

i had something similar happen to me last new years...something rolled
not one, but two years, so i got to y2k early.  :)

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