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Re: remember the lesson of the sendsys bomb

  • From: Joe Shaw
  • Date: Sat Jan 01 03:34:08 2000

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> the lesson of the sendsys is that after a 24 or 36 hour period of continuous
> wakefulness, sean and alan and the rest are going to have to SLEEP.  *that*
> will be the time when some perfectly normal event like a route spew or heavy
> flap or genetic IOS defect will make itself known, and *that* will be the time
> when Y2K finally kicks us all in the head.  not because of the date change,
> but because everybody stayed awake too long and upset their normal vigilence.

Agreed.  That's the very reason I didn't want all of our operations staff
to be overseeing the changeover since I didn't think it was necessary.  As
an ISP that caters to business customers we probably won't be made aware
of any issues until Monday.  Having checked with the on-call perrson this
week, she says no one has made a peep, and our normal weekend ops people
are working their regular schedules.

Joseph W. Shaw - [email protected]
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