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Re: Report from New Zealand

  • From: Russell Briggs
  • Date: Fri Dec 31 22:14:39 1999

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 11:54:42AM +1030, Mark Prior said:
>      "The phone system is almost useless" is perhaps less accurate than
>      "the one person I have talked to has reported some problems with his
>      office handsets" :)
> I think in the Australian experience "the mobile phone system is
> useless" was pretty accurate for at least an hour after midnight.
> Landlines coped much better. For the places yet to experience 1/1/00 I
> would suggest that if you need to keep in touch with your NOC (or
> whatever) then be near a landline and give the mobile a night off.
> Mark.

If you anticipate needing to be in touch with your NOC, then I'd 
reccomend dialing it up now, and leave it on speakerphone.  

Russell Briggs
CyberCorp, Inc.
[email protected]