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RE: GTEI Filtering ICMP Echo/Echo Replies?

  • From: Martin, Christian
  • Date: Fri Dec 31 13:35:33 1999

Thanks for the responses.  Transit pings work fine, it is directed pings at
router interfaces in the backbone that I'm seeing problems with.  I have
been contacted by someone from GTE and will handle this offline, unless
someone else is seeing issues and wishes to continue the thread.  Thanks
again for the replies!


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Subject: GTEI Filtering ICMP Echo/Echo Replies?

Martin, Christian writes:

 > Happy Y2K to all!  Looks as if GTEI has begun filtering ICMP type 0 and 8
 > hope that's all) through their backbone.  

No sign of this problem pinging to or from the bits of gtei's Florida
links I've got systems (via mae-e or mae-w).  ping ...