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Re: After Y2K, critical infrastructure

  • From: I Am Not An Isp
  • Date: Thu Dec 23 21:14:06 1999

At 08:49 PM 12/23/99 -0500, Deepak Jain wrote:
>> I'm hoping the "hackers" will party and get drunk over New Year's, and leave
>> the so-called critical infrastructure alone. If you think you filled out a
>> lot of paperwork for Y2K, and you ain't seen anything yet. I for one sleep
>> much better knowing Microsoft NT is certified C2 ready :-)
>Sorry to ruin your sleep. NT is ONLY C2 certified as a standalone

I thought you had to remove the NIC, the floppy, and a few other things, not just software. C2 *Orange* Book, not Red Book.



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