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16 days and counting

  • From: Jim Mercer
  • Date: Wed Dec 15 00:45:32 1999

geez, nothing like cutting it to the wire.

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----- Forwarded message from UUNET Canadian Support <[email protected]> -----

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:18:26 -0500
From: UUNET Canadian Support <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: UUNET Year 2000 Customer Premise Equipment Information Notification

Dear Valued Customer:

UUNET Year 2000 Customer Premise Equipment Information Notification

UUNET is currently engaged in a project to evaluate its readiness for Year
2000.   The UUNET Year 2000 Program Office manages program activities that
encompass the customer global network and value-added services as well as
internal systems.  

UUNET is taking this opportunity to communicate with its customers
concerning their joint responsibilities for evaluating whether the
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) used in conjunction with UUNET services
is Y2K compliant. This equipment includes routers, CSU/DSU's, firewalls,
servers and desktops.   

Although UUNET does not make any claim or warranty as to the Year 2000
compliance of this third-party equipment, we are providing you with the
sources of vendor compliance information in the web so that you can
evaluate the CPE's Year 2000 status.  We encourage you to contact the
manufacturers of your CPE for information on their Year 2000 programs and
the Year 2000 readiness of this equipment. 

The table on the next pages shows the type of equipment, the manufacturer
and the URL through which you may be able to obtain more information. This
list includes CPE that UUNET currently ships and supports.  You may own
other equipment that was not supplied by UUNET or that is not currently
shipped and supported by UUNET.

We hope that you will use this information to examine your CPE, assess its
Year 2000 readiness, and upgrade any equipment that may require such
action.  Should you have questions concerning  CPE, please call UUNET at
1-888 886 3865.

If you have questions concerning UUNET's Year 2000 Program, we hope you
will read our Year 2000 information at :
Direct inquiries to the Year 2000 Program Office can be made to
[email protected]  

The information provided by UUNET in this letter constitutes a year 2000
readiness disclosure under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness
Disclosure Act (October 19, 1998, 105 U.S. Public Law 271, 112 Stat.
2386).  This Year 2000 readiness disclosure includes a republication of
Year 2000 statements originally made by the third party manufacturers of
the equipment listed below.  UUNET is not the source of these republished
statements, which have been supplied by another entity, which are based on
information UUNET has not verified.  Accordingly, UUNET is not responsible
for the republished information's accuracy, completeness, or currency.  

"UUNET" as used herein and the references to various networks, services,
and systems, refers only to UUNET and its networks, services, and systems,
and should not be construed as applying to MCI WORLDCOM Inc. ("MCI
WorldCom") in general or to any other WorldCom or MCI companies or their
networks, services, or systems.

We look forward to servicing you well into the new millenium!

Andrew Ordin 
Y2K Project Coordinator

Category	Manufacturer and		URL to Obtain Vendor's
		Model Number			Recommendations

Router		Cisco 2501, 2514

		Cisco 2524

		Cisco 2610

		Cisco 3640

		Cisco 4500,4700

		Cisco 7200 series

		OpenROUTE GTX1000

		Xedia AP 45

		Xedia AP ATM

		Xedia AP T1/E1

		Ascend Pipeline 130

		Intel Express 8100

CSU/DSU		Kentrox D-SERV 56k and T1
		(78220, 78282 and 78222)

		Kentrox DataSmart D-SERV

		Verilink HDM2182 in the
		AS2000 CSU/DSU

		Larscom Access T45

		Digital Link DL3100

		Cisco POET serial port 
		adaptor (1 &2 port)

Software	Checkpoint Firewall-1

		Checkpoint SecuRemote

		Axent Raptor Firewall

		Axent Raptor Mobile

		Gauntlet Firewall

		Ascend SecureConnect Firewall (SCF)
		3.0 (in Ascend Pipeline products)

Platforms	Sun Ultra or Sparc

		Patriot Black Box - 
		Pentium II PC

		Ascend Pipeline 85, Pipeline 75

Systems		Sun Solaris

		Microsoft NT


Access		Ascend Pipeline 85, Pipeline 75

		Adtran ISU128

		3COM Impact IQ Terminal Adaptor

		3COM 56K Voice Fax modem Pro

		Cisco 1005

		Cisco 804

		Cisco 1604 (ISDN/T1)

		Bay Instant Internet 100

		Hayes Accura 56K external
		data fax modem

		US Robotics FX-BRI-U

		Whistle IJ100, IJ140

UUNET Canadian Technical Support  /  Support Technique Canadien
[email protected]                  /  [email protected]
Phone:    (888) 886 3865   fax:  (416) 368-5473
----- End forwarded message -----