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Re: A call for the future. Was: Re: Verio Decides what parts ofthe internet to drop

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Wed Dec 08 18:22:32 1999

>	Now, given that there are ~4.3B ip addresses, given memory
>consumption of lets say 512 bytes per ip, you're talking about 2.1Tb
>of memory if you were to do allow every 32 bit ip to be routed

2.1  but think about it this way: if you did manage
to build such a beast, a route cache would not be needed, as route
lookups would all be O(1).  :)

actually...if you *did* manage such a thing, you could get the memory
usage down a lot, since you'd just need to store next hop for each ip
address, and not so much stuff about linked lists and stuff.

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