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Re: Mars lander (Re: How to achieve application reliability)

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Dec 05 18:05:33 1999

On Sun, 05 December 1999, Nathan wrote:
> Here is a great link explaining in detail the design and architecture of
> the web accelerators on the net that were designed to support the load that
> was supposed to generate.......although they have no
> feed to was impressive.

Yes, it was very impressive.  I was hoping they would be successfull, because
in a few weeks the next event will also require some interesting web site
hosting.  If it had worked, then the people who follow could just copy it.
Even without a feed to push, the sites were unresponsive for parts of the

I'm very concerned we still haven't proven we know how to handle big event
sites on the Internet.