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RE: AT&T Worldnet problem

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 10:58:41 1999

Additional information from the AT&T web site about Wednesday's Worldnet

>An Apology... And an Explanation.
>On December 1, 1999, there was an outage that affected AT&T WorldNet Service
>members. First I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have
>caused, and second, I'd like to explain what happened.
>This problem was not caused by AT&T's network. However, it did affect our
>system, and our members. Another Internet Service Provider made a network
>change that caused the public Internet to have incorrect information on how to
>reach AT&T WorldNet servers. As a result AT&T WorldNet customers could not
>browse the Internet, and mail from other Internet Service Providers to AT&T
>WorldNet members was delayed. AT&T engineers worked to isolate the problem and
>provided a work around to restore service by 4:30 p.m. In addition, AT&T
>notified the other Internet Service Provider, who in turn corrected their
>configuration. The smooth operation of the entire Internet depends on accurate
>information and cooperation from all Internet Service Providers. This reflects
>the distributed nature of the Internet and its design characteristics.
>AT&T WorldNet Service continually works to improve its service. In fact, based
>on a recent study by Solomon Wolff Associates, AT&T WorldNet Service was rated
>as having the highest level of customer satisfaction among the five largest
>Internet Service Providers.
>Again, you have our sincerest apologies for yesterday's outage. Please be
>assured that we are working to prevent this kind of an interruption in the
>Thank you for being an AT&T WorldNet Service customer.
>Ed Chatlos
>AT&T WorldNet® Service Vice President & General Manager