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Re: Perceived Y2K problems

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Wed Dec 01 00:33:25 1999

On Tue, 30 November 1999, Jared Mauch wrote:
> I find this quite an interesting challenge, if you can't place
> a call, you can't get paged to know that your router in some remote
> site just died, nor can they call to tell you, nor can you call the
> utilities to determine why.

For those deemed important enough, there are alternative switches and
communication lines in place to contact utilities and such.

ISPs providing necessary services can qualify for preferential treatment.
The two buzzwords you need are GETS and TSP.  Additional information is
available from the FCC and NCS
The FCC or NCS will act as the "sponsor" for qualifying ISPs.  Yep, its
like the ARPANET all over again, you need a "sponsor."

When I applied, it took about two weeks.

Interestingly enough, the Internet has been used as a backup communications
channel for several events already.  But because of the unreliable reputation
of the Internet (FUD), agency managers haven't wanted to publicize they
were using the net.