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Re: How does Murphy know, need mail access east and west coast

  • From: Dean Anderson
  • Date: Tue Nov 23 18:06:44 1999

I am willing to setup on East Coast with someone on West Coast.  I can do everything but standby generator.  Have 2 APC Matrix 5000 with XR battery packs and a tonload of 1KVA UPS's tho.  Could purchase more battery packs to extend uptime on 5KVa which run routers.  Have local modems on site, and 20 state dialin (outsourced). And Internet access to POP & IMAP.


Around 08:31 PM 11/22/1999 -0800, rumor has it that Sean Donelan said:
>How does Murphy know when to strike.
>Argh, I went almost 15 years without losing a single mail message.  Less than
>two months of using a "modern" mailer and they're all gone.  I want my VAX/VMS
>Everyone who sent me mail about needing a reporting channel for the Y2K
>rollover on New Year's, could you please send me another message.  I had
>not copied the names down before my mailbox disappeared.
>Yes, I was thinking about a backup.  I sent this message early this morning,
>before I lost all my mail.
>Sean Donelan [05:19 AM 11/22/99 -0800] wrote:
>>Perhaps a strange request but I'm looking for two mail accounts I can
>>access via a dialup (Shell or PPP) and Internet (POP3 or IMAP).
>>Here are the requirements:
>>One server on the Eastern US power grid
>>One server on the Western US power grid
>>Each served via a minimum of two backbone providers (I prefer
>>  the east and west server be on seperate backbones)
>>Each acting as a secondary MX and DNS server for the other
>>Mail server will accept mail addressed with a designated domain name
>>Mail will be sent using a designated domain name
>>Dialup access will be via a dial access server using at most
>>  a LAN connection to the mail server (no WAN links)
>>The facility housing the mail server will have a UPS and
>>  standby generator
>>Inbound mail: a minumum of 50mb mail storage
>>Outbound mail: 1,000 5kb messages every four hours (LISTSERV and LSMTP
>>or similar)
>>I estimate I need the mailboxes from approximately December 1 through
>>January 15.
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