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How does Murphy know, need mail access east and west coast

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Mon Nov 22 23:34:38 1999

How does Murphy know when to strike.

Argh, I went almost 15 years without losing a single mail message.  Less than
two months of using a "modern" mailer and they're all gone.  I want my VAX/VMS

Everyone who sent me mail about needing a reporting channel for the Y2K
rollover on New Year's, could you please send me another message.  I had
not copied the names down before my mailbox disappeared.


Yes, I was thinking about a backup.  I sent this message early this morning,
before I lost all my mail.

Sean Donelan [05:19 AM 11/22/99 -0800] wrote:
>Perhaps a strange request but I'm looking for two mail accounts I can
>access via a dialup (Shell or PPP) and Internet (POP3 or IMAP).
>Here are the requirements:
>One server on the Eastern US power grid
>One server on the Western US power grid
>Each served via a minimum of two backbone providers (I prefer
>  the east and west server be on seperate backbones)
>Each acting as a secondary MX and DNS server for the other
>Mail server will accept mail addressed with a designated domain name
>Mail will be sent using a designated domain name
>Dialup access will be via a dial access server using at most
>  a LAN connection to the mail server (no WAN links)
>The facility housing the mail server will have a UPS and
>  standby generator
>Inbound mail: a minumum of 50mb mail storage
>Outbound mail: 1,000 5kb messages every four hours (LISTSERV and LSMTP
>or similar)
>I estimate I need the mailboxes from approximately December 1 through
>January 15.