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GW-List - Routing Maintenance

  • From: BrandonButterworth
  • Date: Fri Nov 19 03:09:10 1999

I haven't seen this mentioned, they'll go on to
do the others then life will be wonderful?

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>From [email protected] Fri Nov 19 00:07:28 1999
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 0:03:49 GMT
Subject: GW-List - Routing Maintenance

On Wednesday 11/24 at 12:01AM PST MAE-West Ames will be taken
down for reconfiguration.  The outage window is from 12:01AM PST to
6:00AM PST.  The purpose of the reconfiguration is to eliminate the
Head-Of-Line blocking problems caused by the DEC Gigaswitch FDDI.
The Gigaswitches will be moved to an edge position at the exchange and
divided into multiple logical bridges 

AKA: expect to vanish for a few
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