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Y2K rollover status report participation

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Nov 12 12:21:46 1999

Its getting towards the end, and I didn't want anyone to say "Nobody asked me."

The reporting channels for a few of the major ISPs is established, but I
didn't want to leave important folks out, e.g. exchange points, route servers,
root servers, measurement servers, and anyone else with something to contribute.

I will be using this information to make a list of which part of the Internet
is being handled by which status reporting organization.  For the parts of
the Internet otherwise not being handled, I plan to set up a couple of very
simple reporting methods.  Since I don't think the Internet will be affected
too much, it will be via standard Internet communications, including regular
status templates via e-mail, a multicast sesssion, and possibly one or two
others (we know USENET works during an earthquake).  There is essentially
no time to develop anything more than the simplest status reporting using
time-tested methods.

I expect most reports to be "Situation Normal, Nothing to Report."

For exception reporting, there will be an out-of-band method and the details
will be provided to those participating.  Since e-mail and the other methods
can handle much larger groups than a teleconference bridge, I expect to be
able to handle a large group with only a few volunteers over those days.
Yes, I also need a few people to do some work.  Send e-mail if interested.
No pay, but I will have a cool T-shirt for those who work.

If you already believe you have a reporting channel (e.g. IOPS, NCS, Y2K/CC,
PR Newswire), please fill this out.  If you don't know or don't have one, and
would like one, please enter "NEED" as your reporting channel.

Under "Reporting For:" for networks enter the ASNs of the networks you will
be responsible for reporting (e.g. don't list customers unless you will
explicitly be reporting customer status), for root servers enter the machine
name (e.g., for exchange points enter the name of the
exchange point and IP network(s) used, for other services enter whatever
reasonably unique identify I can use.

Organization Name:
Reporting Channel:
Reporting For:
Admin Contact:
Admin Address 1:
Admin Address 2:
Admin City:
Admin State/Province:
Admin Zip/Postal Code:
Admin Country:
Admin Voice Number:
Admin Fax Number:
Admin Email:

I need this information no later than November 18, 1999.  I can't add anyone
after that point.  As always, you could always decide later not to participate.

Note: please send replies to [email protected], unless you really want to
copy the entire nanog list.